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Welcome to Yaks of Coalbank Creek

The first question most people ask us when they find out that we raise yaks is, “Why?” Why did you pick Yaks? For us, it all started by going to a Channel 9 News Health Fair. The Health Fair provides a variety of services, one of them being really reasonable blood testing. Once we got our test back and sent them on to our doctors, we got a call from Mary Jo’s doctor who asked her to come in right away. She went in immediately and was told that she needed to make some life changes because her cholesterol was too high. She was given the choice to start on medication right away or change her diet and lifestyle. We had about 40 acres and thought we’d just raise our own cattle. However, when researching what are the best meats to eat for high cholesterol, we found the benefits for yak meat. This began our journey into the wonderful world of Yaks. That was 10 years ago, and we haven’t looked back.

Our ranch was created in 2007 in Northern Weld County overlooking the majestic Rocky Mountains. Our goal is to raise quality, registered Tibetan Yaks for meat, fiber and herd establishment. Our newborn's are handled daily and halter broke to allow us to interact with them with respect and trust.

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